When it comes to cooking oils, the world is getting sick of it

Cooking oil can be a major issue for those who are on a ketogenic diet.As you might expect, there is a lot of debate about how to use the oil, and it’s one of the main issues in the ketogenic community.The ketogenic dietary protocol is based on low-carbohydrate eating, which involves skipping grains, legumes, and […]

How to cook saffrons with butter and garlic

Posted May 06, 2018 09:03:16 Saffron is a bright yellow-orange vegetable that comes from the rose family and is known for its unique taste and smell.Saffrons can be used as a seasoning for almost anything and can be added to almost anything you’d like, including soups, salads, breads, and pasta dishes.Saeflower oil is an essential […]

The UK is cutting out all cooking oil for the holidays as part of a £20 billion oil saving strategy

Royal Dutch Shell has announced it will stop using cooking oil to cook meals in Britain as part the country’s $20 billion fuel saving initiative.Shell’s announcement comes just weeks after the US announced it would cut its use of the fuel.The Royal Dutch Petroleum (RDP) said the move is aimed at reducing costs and improving […]

Kolkata-based brand Kerala Oil Spout has been sold to the highest bidder

Kolkatta, India: Kerala Oil Stove is now a private company owned by the Kerala Government and has been selling its brand to the largest bidder.It is the first Kerala Oil spout brand sold to a private entity, according to a press release from the Kerala Oil and Gas Corporation (KOGC) on Friday.The company had been […]