Crypto Coins’ Price has plummeted again as US health warnings grow

Crypto Coins have fallen again as concerns over the US health crisis spread.

The crypto-currency was trading around $5,300 on Friday before the US government issued new warnings on the use of smoking oil in cooking.

US officials said the use in cooking could cause cancer.

It has now traded below $3,600.

The collapse in the price of the digital currency comes just days after the US Federal Reserve increased interest rates.

The US stock market has also lost about 5 per cent on the week.

The news has raised fears among investors that the crisis in the US will worsen.

US health officials have warned of the risks of exposure to the chemicals, which include propylene glycol, which is found in cooking oils and can be used in making biodiesel.

A report from the National Cancer Institute said exposure to a chemical called acetone can lead to “potentially life-threatening cancer”.

US President Donald Trump has been criticised for not taking stronger action to tackle the crisis.

He has defended his decision not to follow other Western leaders who have made calls for a US response.