‘Worst Cooking Oils’ for 2015: Which ones to avoid?


Palm oil (Palm Oil) 2.

Coconut oil (Coconut Oil) 3.

Safflower oil (Safflower Oil) 4.

Sunflower oil (Sunflower Oil) 5.

Coconut water (Coco Water) 6.

Rice bran (Rice Bran) 7.

Almond oil (Almond Oil) 8.

Coconut butter (Camel Butter) 9.

Coconut milk (Coca-Milk) 10.

Almonds and walnuts (Almonds and Walnuts) 11.

Aloe vera gel (Aloe Vera Gel) 12.

Organic cocoa powder (Organic Cocoa Powder) 13.

Non-dairy soy milk (Non-diet Soy Milk) 14.

Non–dairy milk (Diet Soy) 15.

Organic olive oil (Organically Olive Oil) 16.

Organic peanut butter (Organics Peanut Butter) 17.

Organic almond butter (Olive Butter) 18.

Organic coconut oil (Non–diet Coconut Oil) 19.

Organic raw cacao powder (Non organic cacao) 20.

Organic soybean oil (Raw Soybean Oil) 21.

Organic rice bran oil (Ricotta) 22.

Organic egg white (Omega-3) 23.

Organic brown rice (Omegas Brown Rice) 24.

Organic wheat germ oil (Oysters Brown Rice Oil) 25.

Organic flax seed oil (Flax Seed Oil) 26.

Organic alfalfa sprouts (Older Form) 27.

Organic sunflower seed oil for your dog (Sunflowers) 28.

Organic chicken broth (Chicken Broth) 29.

Organic turkey breast (Turkey Breast) 30.

Organic salmon (Salmon) 31.

Organic whole wheat bread (Whole Wheat Bread) 32.

Organic almonds and walnut nuts (Alms and Walnut Nuts) 33.

Organic pumpkin seeds (Pumpkin Seeds) 34.

Organic hemp seeds (Hemp Seeds) 35.

Organic wild rice (Wild Rice) 36.

Organic chia seeds (Chia Seeds) 37.

Organic avocado oil (Avocado Oil) 38.

Organic pea protein powder (Pea Protein Powder) 39.

Organic whey protein powder, whey concentrate (Whey Protein Powder, Whey Concentrate) 40.

Organic vegan milk (Vegan Milk) 41.

Organic low-fat yogurt (Low-Fat Yogurt) 42.

Organic cashew nuts (Cashew Nuts, Organic) 43.

Organic chickpeas (Baked Chickpeas) 44.

Organic blueberries (Blueberries) 45.

Organic walnuts, pecans, and almonds (Walnuts) 46.

Organic hazelnuts (Hazelnuts) 47.

Organic pistachios (Pecan) 48.

Organic pomegranate seeds (Peach, Pine, or Pineapple Seeds) 49.

Organic cranberries (Cranberries) 50.

Organic mangoes (Mango) 51.

Organic blackberries (Blackberries) 52.

Organic kiwi fruits (Kiwi) 53.

Organic red pears (Red Pears) 54.

Organic goldenrod apples (Apple) 55.

Organic dried apricots (Apples) 56.

Organic cantaloupe seeds (Cantaloupse) 57.

Organic cilantro (Cilantro) 58.

Organic ginger (Ginger) 59.

Organic fennel (Fennel) 60.

Organic yellow squash (Yellow Squash) 61.

Organic tomato (Tomato) 62.

Organic strawberries (Strawberries) 63.

Organic cauliflower (Cauliflower) 64.

Organic kale (Kale) 65.

Organic spinach (Spinach) 66.

Organic celery (Celery) 67.

Organic sweet potatoes (Sweet Potato) 68.

Organic carrots (Carrots) 69.

Organic watercress (Watercress) 70.

Organic dandelion greens (Dandelion) 71.

Organic mustard greens (Mustard) 72.

Organic radishes (Radish) 73.

Organic shallots (Spice) 74.

Organic mint (Mint) 75.

Organic chilli peppers (Chili) 76.

Organic green onion (Green Onion) 77.

Organic Brussels sprouts seed (Brussels Sprouts) 78.

Organic corn kernels (Corn) 79.

Organic oats (Oats) 80.

Organic oat bran seeds (Oat Bran Seeds) 81.

Organic sea salt (Sea Salt) 82.

Organic fresh ginger (Fresh Ginger) 83.

Organic orange zest (Orange Zest) 84.

Organic papaya seed (Papaya) 85.

Organic pineapple seed (Plum) 86.

Organic white pepper (White Pepper) 87.

Organic oregano (Oregano) 88.

Organic cinnamon sticks (Cinnamon) 89.

Organic thyme (Thyme) 90.

Organic bay leaves (Bay Leaves) 91. Organic