Which oil should I buy?

Cooking oils are becoming a lot more popular.

A recent survey showed that the number of consumers buying cooking oils has increased by almost 100% in the last year.

The popularity of these oils has also increased by 100% on Amazon in the past year, with the majority of consumers spending between Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 on them.

Here are the top cooking oils you should buy.1.

Sunflower Oil1.1 per cent price difference is the lowest in the industry2.

Coconut Oil1 per 100 grams is cheaper than a regular oil, but coconut oil can have high concentrations of saturated fats and may have some toxic effects3.

Canola Oil1 Per 100 grams of canola oil is cheaper and more healthful than regular canola, but it contains a lot of toxic elements4.

Canning Oil1 tsp of canning oil costs Rs. 4 per litre, while regular canning price is around Rs. 3.30 per lit