How much does the average home kitchen need to cook?

A new study has determined that you may not need to boil a whole lot of water to cook food, but that you should cook at least 2 to 4 quarts of water per meal.

The research from the University of California, Berkeley, analyzed data from more than 4,000 American households to figure out the average amount of water that a home kitchen needs.

The results, released Wednesday, found that, overall, a typical home kitchen should have around 1.8 quarts (about 5 cups) of water, and that, for a typical cookbook, the amount should be 2 to 3 quarts.

The study found that there is a wide range of household needs for water, with some households, like those in the Northeast and Midwest, need a larger amount of the water than others.

But for most people, the researchers found that cooking should take about 1.2 quarts to cook 1 pound of food, while a large-scale study published earlier this year found that a 3-quart pot of water could cook about two pounds of food.

While the researchers are still studying the optimal amount of cooking water that can be used in a household, they have found that the ideal amount of drinking water varies widely by household size.

For example, a person in a two-person household in the city could get about 1 quart (about 2 cups) per day, while in a three-person family in the rural area, they could get 1.5 quarts per day.

The findings from the study were based on the food consumption habits of 2,074 adults in the U.S. and Canada, and also included data from 3,081 children and their parents.