‘Maan’ cooking oil has been discontinued by Walmart for good

The Maan cooking gasoline oil is now on the shelves of Walmart.

The Maan brand was first launched by an Austrian manufacturer in 1968, and the brand has since been made famous by the film ‘Maane’, which won the 1998 Golden Globe for best film.

It is now part of the Walmart family of brands and has been available in a number of stores across the US. 

Maan is sold in more than 50 countries and has an estimated market value of US$3.4 billion.

Maan has been a Walmart favourite for years, with its richly-textured, aromatic and creamy flavour creating a cult following.

Its popularity grew in recent years when Walmart announced it was ending the petrol-based petrol-powered Maan, which was available in over 60 countries and sold in over 30,000 stores.

The petrol-driven Maan has a lower emissions per kilometre than petrol-fueled petrol engines and has also been designed to run at higher temperatures.

Walmart said that as a result of this, the petrol engine has been phased out of all its petrol-fuelled models, except the Maan and the Maane.

Maane is also no longer available in Walmart stores.