Why do people dump cooking oil into their garbage?

The world’s largest cooking oil company, US companies Exxon Mobil and Chevron, are also dumping cooking oil waste into dumpsters, with the former dumping some 40 million gallons of the oil waste in New York City in the last week, according to Reuters.

The dumpster is located in an area where Exxon Mobil has a manufacturing plant in the Bronx, where it produces fuel for a fleet of diesel-electric cars, according Reuters.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 7.5 million gallons have been dumped in New Yorkers’ trash since November 1, 2015, and about 50 million gallons were dumped in September 2017.

Exxon Mobil is also dumping some 1.5 billion gallons of cooking oil in Pennsylvania.

According to the AP, dumpster owners said they had been notified of the dumping by a contractor who cleans the site, but have not been told what the cause of the dumpster’s leaks are.

“The oil is a very volatile chemical.

You can’t just throw it in the dumpsters,” said Paul O’Brien, president of O’Connor & Co., which operates two dumpsters near the Bronx’s main entrance.

“It’s very dangerous to dump the oil in the garbage.”

The dumpsters are also used to dump toxic waste.

According a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation report, there were 5.3 million gallons dumped into New York state’s trash in 2017.

More than 7,000 pounds of toxic waste were dumped at the dump sites in 2017, according the EPA.