Disney and Pixar are back together in a new movie, but it’s not for children

Disney and Sony are back in production on a new Pixar film based on Disney comics, but the new project is not for kids.

Instead, the new film, called A Bug’s Life, will focus on a family of four.

It’s a first for Disney and the studio, which have been trying to expand their partnership beyond film and television for years.

A Bug Takes Home the Oscar Disney/Pixar movie has a cast of nine, but a number of characters will also be included.

There’s a bug, a dog, a cat, a pig, a lion, and a bear.

It also stars Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks.

The movie will open on July 1.

A new Pixar movie, A Bug, Takes Home a Oscar, is now underway.

The studio is hoping to make its own live-action films, with an eye toward building an animated universe.

The studios will likely release an animated version of The Incredibles in 2018.

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