The best and worst things about cooking oilMalaysia-based blogger Alia Zainuddin posted a video to YouTube in April 2017 showing her using cooking oil to make a meal for her family.”I’m not a good cook,” she said, explaining that she prefers to make her own food instead of buying it. “I have no idea what the ingredients are and I can’t really cook anything.””I use the cooking oil because I have no money,” she added. “But I don’t think it’s that great. I have to use it to make food.”Zainuddin’s videos sparked a debate on whether she was exaggerating her cooking skills. But the backlash was mostly negative, with many accusing her of making a “misleading” claim about the health benefits of cooking oil.”This was an

about the potential health benefits and the safety of cooking oils,” wrote one Reddit user.”

It’s really not a big deal for people that are concerned about health.””

Cooking oils are safe, inexpensive, and have a great taste.

It’s really not a big deal for people that are concerned about health.”

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Zainudin said that she was not a cook, and that her videos were about food.

“In my opinion, cooking oils are more effective for the body than other cooking methods because they burn calories quickly and provide nutrients,” she told the newspaper.

“People shouldn’t be afraid to cook.”