How to get good quality, low-sulfur cooking oil

The first thing you need to know is that cooking oil is made of a mix of oils, including vegetable oils.

In other words, cooking oil comes in a variety of different grades.

Here’s a look at what each one of them does: Oil grade: There are a number of different kinds of vegetable oils that are classified as vegetable oils, but in general, there are four grades: vegetable oils made from soybean oil (soybean oil is often referred to as soybean-based cooking oil), vegetable oils derived from corn (corn is commonly called corn-based or corn oil), olive oil (made from oil from olives), and canola oil (cannot be considered a vegetable oil).

The four grades are: Olive oil is the highest of all the vegetable oils because it contains the most saturated fat.

Because of its high fat content, olive oil is generally considered a healthy oil.

Canola oil is also an excellent choice, but because of its higher saturated fat content and the high amount of water, canola is considered an unhealthy oil.