‘Stupidly bad’: This restaurant in a remote village in India has become an unlikely hub for food riots, food terrorism and food terrorism hysteria

In October, the UK Food Standards Agency launched an investigation into a Thai restaurant that it said was a source of “food terrorism” in India.The UK government has since banned the restaurant and said it had launched an immediate review of its operations.On its website, the Thai restaurant offers a range of food products, including […]

How to get ready to buy winter cooking oil from Walmart

The sale of winter cooking oils is heating up. And, you know, we know Walmart has some of the cheapest winter cooking products on the market. Now, it’s getting harder to find winter cooking supplies on the shelves of the retailer. Walmart has announced that its stock of winter-friendly oils will be completely eliminated from its shelves starting […]

‘Cannabis is more of a medicine than a drug’: Ireland’s health minister

An Irish doctor is calling for an urgent ban on the use of cannabis as a painkiller in Ireland.Dr Simon Donnelly said the medicinal value of cannabis could outweigh the potential risk of addiction and misuse.The Irish Medical Association said it supported the move but called on the Government to allow further studies to be […]

Sterling cooking oil molecules, different cooking oils have a ‘wonderful’ effect on human health

Oil molecules have a wide range of chemical properties.They can be broken down into more complex compounds.These compounds can then act on receptors in the body to make things like blood vessels, heart cells and nerves grow, heal and even become more efficient.In other words, oil molecules can play a vital role in a range […]

The most expensive cookers in the world: How much is the best cooking oil in your kitchen?

There’s a new trend in Australia, with people paying more for premium cooking oil as well as “superpremium” cooking oils such as those made with a high concentration of hydrogen.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched a new competition for cooking oil to encourage the “most expensive” cooking oil.In the new competition, the […]