What to look for when buying odourless cooking oils and cooking oil filters

Dark cooking oil and oil filters are essential ingredients when buying a quality oil and filter. They help to prevent odour and harmful chemicals from escaping into the food or food packaging. While odour free cooking oil is commonly used in Asian cuisines, it is also popular in Western countries. Dark cooking oil can be bought online, in […]

When it comes to making a meal from scratch, oil recycling is a must

Cooking oil recycling takes energy and money, but can be incredibly time-saving and cost-effective.This article discusses the science behind how to get the most out of your cooking oil and whether you should even bother recycling.1.Use a Thermometer to Measure the Oil’s Specific Gravity The easiest way to measure the oil’s specific gravity is to […]

What you need to know about the most popular cooking oil in the world

Cooking oil has been around for centuries, and the oil it comes from is used to cook food and produce many other things.But with the advent of high-powered machines, a new class of food processors and cookware, and a growing demand for cheaper, more efficient cooking oil sources, the world is in for a major […]