‘Worst Cooking Oils’ for 2015: Which ones to avoid?

1.Palm oil (Palm Oil) 2.Coconut oil (Coconut Oil) 3.Safflower oil (Safflower Oil) 4.Sunflower oil (Sunflower Oil) 5.Coconut water (Coco Water) 6.Rice bran (Rice Bran) 7.Almond oil (Almond Oil) 8.Coconut butter (Camel Butter) 9.Coconut milk (Coca-Milk) 10.Almonds and walnuts (Almonds and Walnuts) 11.Aloe vera gel (Aloe Vera Gel) 12.Organic cocoa powder (Organic Cocoa Powder) 13.Non-dairy soy […]

How to cook a vegan food using backpacking cooking oils

The term “backpacking” comes from the fact that you’re usually hiking or camping rather than in a backcountry setting.And while you’ll be able to enjoy cooking at home, you may have to adjust your cooking habits if you’re cooking on the go.You can find cooking oils for your home or backpacking in a number of […]