The most expensive cookers in the world: How much is the best cooking oil in your kitchen?

There’s a new trend in Australia, with people paying more for premium cooking oil as well as “superpremium” cooking oils such as those made with a high concentration of hydrogen.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched a new competition for cooking oil to encourage the “most expensive” cooking oil.In the new competition, the […]

Costco to buy $3.2B oil business as it invests $2B

The discount retailer Costco announced Wednesday that it plans to buy the production and marketing assets of the world’s largest oil company, ConocoPhillips, for $3,2 billion in cash.The deal was first reported by Reuters.The transaction will give the company access to nearly $4 billion in financing.Costco said the deal will close in 2020.The oil-producing company […]

Disney and Pixar are back together in a new movie, but it’s not for children

Disney and Sony are back in production on a new Pixar film based on Disney comics, but the new project is not for kids.Instead, the new film, called A Bug’s Life, will focus on a family of four.It’s a first for Disney and the studio, which have been trying to expand their partnership beyond film […]