Walnut oil prices spike again,but this time, they’re down

Walnut Oil Prices Are Up Again In 2017, But They’re Down Source Recode article Walnuts, the world’s most popular tree nut, are back on top again.The price of walnut oil has soared in 2017.But Walnut prices have stayed mostly flat since 2017, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.The USDA reported […]

‘Worst Cooking Oils’ for 2015: Which ones to avoid?

1.Palm oil (Palm Oil) 2.Coconut oil (Coconut Oil) 3.Safflower oil (Safflower Oil) 4.Sunflower oil (Sunflower Oil) 5.Coconut water (Coco Water) 6.Rice bran (Rice Bran) 7.Almond oil (Almond Oil) 8.Coconut butter (Camel Butter) 9.Coconut milk (Coca-Milk) 10.Almonds and walnuts (Almonds and Walnuts) 11.Aloe vera gel (Aloe Vera Gel) 12.Organic cocoa powder (Organic Cocoa Powder) 13.Non-dairy soy […]