The UK is cutting out all cooking oil for the holidays as part of a £20 billion oil saving strategy

Royal Dutch Shell has announced it will stop using cooking oil to cook meals in Britain as part the country’s $20 billion fuel saving initiative.Shell’s announcement comes just weeks after the US announced it would cut its use of the fuel.The Royal Dutch Petroleum (RDP) said the move is aimed at reducing costs and improving […]

Best of the best buying and using oil from China’s Carotino brand

Buying and using a Carotini oil is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save money on your cooking oil.But as much as Carotinos oil is very cheap, there are some issues with it.Some of these include:Carotino is a super-rich brand that has a monopoly on making and selling expensive brands of oil.It is […]

What you need to know about keto oil

The ketogenic diet, also known as the ketogenic eating pattern, is one of the most popular diets for weight loss.While the diet may be effective in some cases, it can be difficult to follow without the help of a nutritionist.There are several ways to get started on the keto diet, but we’re here to help […]

Which cooking oil is the healthiest for the body?

1 of 2 The following is a guest post by Rachael O’Connor.This post originally appeared on The Huffington Posts.Rachiel O’Connor is a freelance health and wellness writer, health blogger and lifestyle editor who covers nutrition and wellness for The Huffington Stuff.She loves cooking and sharing her love of all things vegan, healthy, and delicious.Follow her […]