What to look for when buying odourless cooking oils and cooking oil filters

Dark cooking oil and oil filters are essential ingredients when buying a quality oil and filter. They help to prevent odour and harmful chemicals from escaping into the food or food packaging. While odour free cooking oil is commonly used in Asian cuisines, it is also popular in Western countries. Dark cooking oil can be bought online, in […]

Disney and Pixar are back together in a new movie, but it’s not for children

Disney and Sony are back in production on a new Pixar film based on Disney comics, but the new project is not for kids.Instead, the new film, called A Bug’s Life, will focus on a family of four.It’s a first for Disney and the studio, which have been trying to expand their partnership beyond film […]

Keralites need to buy oil and detergents in bulk: NOLA

KERALASI: New Indian food brands will have to pay higher prices in India to compete with western-made products, a top official of the government said on Wednesday.Speaking to The Hindu, Nimal Agarwal, Secretary of State for Food and Public Distribution, said a new regulation would be introduced in March.“Our government has decided to introduce a […]

Which new TV shows will be back on Netflix?

With the rise of streaming services, the TV season is now a constant.Nowhere is this more apparent than in the entertainment industry.Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon have been able to push their original content to more and more people who would not have otherwise been able access them.While some of this content may […]